Whatever happened to Meraki MC!?

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Whatever happened to Meraki MC!?

Those MC products sure looked slick, whatever happened to Meraki UC? Is there any chance Cisco will bring that product stack back to life?


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It was abandoned long time ago. It seems that they didn’t get the international partners for it to become a global success. I had directly bought it although the phones were quite expensive.

Yeah I'm wondering if they will ever bring it back, I figured it was abandoned to better improve it and re-release at a later date. One can hope at least...

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I dont think so. Most moved to teams(on laptop or mobile phone) or other online calling services. 

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Right, but never hurts to have more competition and integration with existing Meraki Dashboard would be nice to have. Desk phones are still needed since softphones (like the apps u mentioned) aren't always adequate replacements. RingCentral and the others are okay, but would be nice to have the option from Meraki.

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I have no special inside information, but I think that ship has sailed and would not expect it to come back. More likely would be something with WebEx calling. I could imagine some visibility and admin tied with Meraki but not sure there is much business case for it.

I agree, would be cool if Meraki hardware could integrate w/ WebEx calling for handsets and integration w/ Meraki Dashboard but not sure if it's worth it to them to do so.

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Given that Cisco now has both Broadsoft and Webex Calling I don't really see it, but you may find some success with one of those as your UC platform, I believe Broadsoft at least supports physical desk phones and Meraki provides a recommended topology for use with Cisco cloud-connected phones


Broadsoft and Webex Calling going to be separate products or integrated together? Sorry, haven't took a dive towards the UC world in a good while!

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VOIP is already a flooded market with many free options available. The days of desk phones are numbered. 

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Hi @cwal21 , Cisco's acquisition of Broadsoft killed this.  I was looking forward to this one as it would have brought everything nicely together under one dashboard.  Sadly not to be.

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