Unexpected footage from my MV-21

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Unexpected footage from my MV-21

So I couldn't decide what to do with the MV-21 that arrived.

However storm Ali decided to pay my part of the world a visit and it turns out I caught this footage while the camera was propped up on a stack of boxes.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Wow, what a crazy video. Glad everyone appears to be OK! Thank you for sharing!

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Kind of a big deal

Whoa!  Something like that happened to me once.  No storm though.  A dead tree just came tumbling down and fell across the road right in front of me.  It looks like no one got hurt and they were very lucky.

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Nice catch although thr last thing I would be doing if a tree just fell over would be stopping my car underneath more trees.....

You just reminded me I caught some funny things with my cctv at home although not MV units.


1 Cyclist carrying a full box of beer riding slowly door the road when the box split and the whole lot smashed.


2. Neighbour putting his rubbish out when his deck was frozen and slipping over with the rubbish landing on him. My neighbour is the one that told me about this and suggested I check the footage and have a laugh. 

Building a reputation

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Sadly on that stretch there isn't much choice other than parking under 120+ year old trees (I have worried about our own house on occasion.)


The falling beer is an absolute tragedy and could only be be made worse if it had been a quality coffee beans that were dropped on the uncaring road.



It's been confirmed that the driver received nothing other than scratches on his paintwork and the road was cleared within 90 minutes (I should extract the footage and create a timelapse video of that) and the neighbours and drivers were helpful to each other.


The footage has been getting repeated on the BBC national news every 20 minutes so perhaps we should start keeping an eye out for Meraki footage in the media, as it would be nice to know when our favoured products do something useful.


Meraki should give us the option to enable the Meraki Logo as part of the video stream. Free advertising!

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