Submit your questions for The Meraki Quarterly!

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Submit your questions for The Meraki Quarterly!

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for The Meraki Quarterly coming up on April 9th, at 9:00am PDT 🙌 


Amidst all the changes we are facing right now, this is one of our webinars you can always expect to take place rain or shine, or in our case… office or no office. I think the presenters and myself can agree that we’ll miss gathering in our studio together but that’s the beauty of webinars, you can present them anywhere you have an internet connection (like our dashboard)!


So to help kick off the excitement leading up to next week’s webinar, we are hoping that you’ll share with us some of those burning questions you have for our team. Keep in mind, the same Q&A rules apply. Since the Quarterly is a roadmap free zone, this thread should be too.


We’ll be taking a look at this thread leading up the webinar, selecting a couple questions to be answered live, and maybe even give a couple shoutouts to our Meraki Community!


See ya on April 9th and don't forget to participate in our photo contest too!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

How many of your customers are successfully using the client tracking mode "Unique client identifier"?  We tried it with a full stack site and when we logged a ticket about wired clients not appearing unless you selected "only switch clients" in the client view, we were told that the feature is still being developed and doesn't yet work in that situation.

Kind of a big deal

Which MRs running which firmware are now WiFi6 certified?

Is Meraki likely to get into the environmental monitoring sector i.e. having a ME range that monitors temp, humidity, power and flooding and all shown nicely in the dashboard.


I would LOVE to see this product range. Heck I would even help design them!
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Not a question but a reply to @BlakeRichardson :  if you want to monitor flooding, put an MS on the floor and the dashboard will alert when it shorts out as it goes underwater 😉

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I found out today that an MR42 also works as a flood warning, it goes orange on the dashboard with configuration errors.  Upon taking it off the ceiling water poured out from a flood on the floor above...

We do it using ultrasonics attached to a Siemens IoT box, programmed using NodeRed. We have tested it at up to 65 knots, at which point the test mule ran out of puff.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
Kind of a big deal

I have carefully worded this question to make it road map free.


When your an ISP you get your IPv4 public address space from something called an RIR.  Several of the RIRs are now completely out of public IPv4 address space.  This is coming to a crunch point soon, as ISPs will simply loose the ability to give clients public IPv4 address space, and can choose to give out private IPv4 addresses or public IPv6 prefixes (or both).


This creates a significant issue for the MX.  It means AutoVPN may stop working (highly like between ISPs to work intermittently), client VPN will stop working, and the ability to host servers using inbound NAT will stop working.


This creates huge commercial issues for the MX platform, as the MX would need to support IPv6 on both its WAN and LAN ports, would need a big update to AutoVPN, and a whole new client VPN solution.


How do you think partners and clients should address the issue of the MX loosing a large chunk of its capabilities in the new IPv6 only world?

Getting noticed

Bunch of questions based on my team's feedback on questions they have...


Is there going to be stable firmware fix for the MX with cellular where it goes into airplane mode and needs support's help to toggle airplane mode off?  Right now, the solution for this is to run a custom firmware that seems to stop all future stable firmware updates from installing.  


Are there any plans for a report or alert on devices being offline for X amount of time?  So if a MX is offline for over a week, we could get an alert that this device has been offline for over a week (or some other range we set in the alert).  Or we could get a weekly or daily emailed report showing how long devices have been offline?  Something for us to track how long devices in all our networks have been offline.  


When is the MG going to be certified for Verizon?


What future features can we look forward to for the MG line?  Multiple SIM slots to use with different carriers for fail over purposes?  GPS or Geo-tracking/fencing capabilities for the MG?  eSIM capabilities?  Automatic carrier detection?  


For the MS line, are there any plans for cable tests for cables with 100 Mbps devices on them?  We get weird errors on cable tests if a 10/100 device is plugged into the far end.  


What's the status for ECMS2 training?  What are the future plans for training/certification?



Teleworking - Home & Away - Z3C (or not Z3C)


The Z3C does a good job as a hub for wherever one sets up an office. It connects to available LTE networks and handles available wired connections, with aplomb. Unfortunately, it is Billy No Mates with ever pervasive WiFi.


Some of us find ourselves spending time in places where all cellular is blocked, but WiFi is available, this is a gap in the playbook.


Please tell us you are going to address this issue.


Also - one cannot help but notice that there are useful alternatives to corporate VPN technology. There is a trend to moving services to the Cloud and it does make a convincing economic and operational case in many situations. PAAS & SAAS do work. They certainly simplify life. Consequently, I'd ask for a simple, affordable tool for teleworkers access remote services in a consistent and demonstrably secure manner. vMX100, as presently licenced, is too expensive for individual deployment to all an organisation's teleworkers, and for those of us who travel, it gets even more expensive, or complicated.


Keeping the technology relevant is important. Teleworking is not going to go away.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
Kind of a big deal



Given the current commercial uncertainties are Meraki and Cisco still honouring all promotions I.e Deal Registrations, For Education the Buy 10 Pay for 5?


- Wish list - where are Meraki and Cisco at with the Anyconnect and MX support or is this a pipe dream 


 - ECMS2 - lost all patience with this one! We’ve been trying to get on this for nearly two years. If it’s just for top tier partners then don’t advertise it to the rest of the community. 

Darren O'Connor |

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

Any news about upcoming small branch routers with 802.11ax capability? looking to purchase one but they’re not available yet, just wondering if anyone has any news about when they will hit the shelves.

@mlowe4 wrote:

 small branch routers with 802.11ax capability? .

You are talking about small branch routers 

So MX 64, 67 and 68. These are designed to handle "up to 50 clients", they probably will not greatly benefit from 802.11ax. As far as I am concerned, as long as there are appropriate MRs available, I find 802.11ax overkill in this context. Having had to deal with the politics of spectrum allocation, I'm eagerly waiting for 802.11ad to become generally available.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
New here

Is or will the Meraki environment be NIST 800-171 / ITAR regulations compliant?  Could the wireless APs and controller be only on Prem?  Or is there any plan to offer a Government / DoD  cloud solution on AWS Gov or Azure Gov?

New here

First, to address IPv6, I have been following this thread:


On to questions:


1. When can we expect a broader rollout of beta for AnyConnect VPN? Is there a process to sign up proactively to join that beta?


2. The MS390 seems to have a lot of outstanding issues even on the most current/beta firmware. Are we expecting to see a more stable release with fewer outstanding issues before the end of the year?

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