Sales Rep revolving door

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Sales Rep revolving door

Anyone else having problems with the revolving door that is Meraki Sales reps?  We had a good one for multiple years, then right as we start ramping up and going full stack, they started changing.  I believe we've had 4 different reps now, 2 of which I've never talked to because I don't know their phone number to call and ask questions.  It wouldn't be so bad, but I hate having to re-explain our setup and direction we are going every time.


I guess I'm just curious if this is another of life's curses for living in rural America or if everyone is feeling this pain.

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@drgnslyr  I haven't seen this issue myself. To find out who your account manager is at any time open your dashboard, go the "help" menu in the top right and click on "Get Help", scroll right to the bottom of that page and it lists your Meraki account manager and their contact details.  

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Yeah, that's how I found out I have a new one again, was going to look up his phone number to call and discuss some upgrades we need to do...

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Salres reps often start as in-bound - working form their office.  They call you, you call them, but they don't usually visit.  Those that do well get promoted into different geographic areas.  Those that do really well often get promoted to having an area and become outbound and can visit clients.


So don't take it as a bad sign - you've probably just had a run of good sales reps.  Or bad ones I guess, and they left.


A lot of promotions happen around year end as well (31st of July).  So expect lots of job changes around that time.

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Didn´t had that problem so far as well.

Well but as we use Meraki only since a year, it has changed once... but this was because the old left meraki. Tomorrow the new sales rep will come in to say hello, discuss upcoming projects and so on.... 😉


If anyone of you has got questions, I´ll ask him 😄

I feel like we get a new sales rep every 6 months. in the 3 years we've had Meraki in our environment, we've probably have had 6 different reps. Most of our changes have been b/c of promotions so great for those reps, but it is tough having a really good rep who knows your environment to then go back to starting at square one.

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Perhaps our experience has been unusual, but we've only had two dashboard-listed sales reps in our usual territory over the last several years. One of them got promoted, and they've both been pretty great. There may have been more churn in some of our clients outside this chunk of the Midwest, but we've only got a few of those.

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Since 2017, we get new ones annually usually in the July/August time frame.

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We are a partner and seeing the same kind of thing. I feel that going to the regional manager and explaining your situation helps and might give you more info on when to expect the next transition. Also it gives you a place to go if the dedicated rep is out or unavailable.

Funny enough, we just got another rep today!

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