Retiring of CMNO Cert

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Retiring of CMNO Cert

In my email this morning was an email explaining that the CMNO course will be retired and replaced with the CMSS certification (Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist) as a basic course for understanding how Meraki works as well as Level 1 and level 2 ECMS certifications (Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions)


The level 1 ECMS looks like it will be the equivalent of the CMNO


Full email body is below for those interested 




Hi there,

During CMNO you learned the basics of how to operate Meraki solutions. Very soon you'll have a chance to further your learning and test your knowledge. 

We are excited to share the Cisco Meraki, in partnership with Learning@Cisco, is developing the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist (CMSS) certification, coming in the second half of calendar year 2019. This new technical specialist certification will cover the full stack of Meraki technologies and test an IT professional's ability to plan, design, implement, and operate Cisco Meraki solutions.

To continue your learning, Cisco Meraki is introducing the Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS) training program, designed to help IT professionals prepare for the technical specialist certification. The first course (ECMS1) in this new training track covers the same material as CMNO, which means you have a head start in preparing for the upcoming CMSS certification. The second course (ECMS2) goes deeper into working with Cisco Meraki solutions. Capacity will initially be limited while we actively work to scale its availability. 

The new CMSS certification will become the standard to recognize IT professionals who have achieved Specialist-level expertise with Cisco Meraki full stack IT solutions. We will therefore be retiring the Meraki CMNO certification on December 31, 2019. 

Last but certainly not least, we are launching the Meraki Learning Hub, an all-new resource for you to learn more about CMSS and ECMS! There, you can explore courses and content to continue your learning and express your interest in ECMS2 so you're notified when courses become available. 

We're looking forward to providing you with the opportunity to achieve the upcoming Cisco specialist certification. Join us on the Meraki Learning Hub for more information!


The Cisco Meraki Team

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes, it's true that the CMNO cert is being retired at the end of December, 2019. Here's a document that explains what's happening in a bit more detail.

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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I was wondering when the new ECMS1 course would be available?

Very exciting!

Thank you.

Thank you very much for the reply.

I found that link and tried to register, but it pulls up a page stating that the webinar does not exist.

Am i premature, or is the webinar still under construction?


Getting noticed

I already did a CMNA training some weeks ago in Brussels.  Would it have added value to do a ECMS1 training ?  Is there overlap?

Kind of a big deal

There is quite some overlap. CMNA looks at it from an initial setup standpoint and ECMS1 looks at it more from an operational & troubleshooting perspective. CMNA also has more "sales" info.

Thanks for the clarification.

Has anyone been able to register for this new class or have you taken it yet?


Sorry for my last post.

The webinars are open now and are showing available.

I just registered for the May 1st ECMS1 class.

David Burgess
CCNP R&S, Security,
CCNA Wireless, MCNA, ECMS1

Just finished this course. Great Class. Hands on and very informative.

Bring your thinking cap.

Getting noticed

This is very exciting news. Does anyone know why the CMNO was retired? I just got mine in Feb 😏

It has to do somewhat with content...if I remember correctly. I did pretty well until the final part where you had to debug what you had setup during labs.

Even then it was all hands on...

I remember too it is designed to prepare you for the next step.


@jdestef17 wrote:
This is very exciting news. Does anyone know why the CMNO was retired? I just got mine in Feb 😏

It's just been replaced by ECMS1. And now there's a next level one, ECMS2.


I wouldn't worry to much about the fact you've just gotten CMNO. The content of ECMS1 is the same.


I'd just get ECMS2 as soon as it becomes more available.


If we already have the CMNO will the badge be updated to ECMS1?

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