Meraki's Hold music

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Meraki's Hold music

This is the longest I've ever been on hold waiting to talk to someone, but they really need to get a longer loop! It is seriously 15 seconds long of the same little beat.  And it's not even cut very well.  I can hear really bad recordings from my youth playing with track loops to write songs.


PS. I've been so distracted by it trying to post this, it's played through another 10 times! Make it stop!

Kind of a big deal

The problem with hold music liek this is you can end up in a trance listening to eveyr small detail of the piece of music and when someone finally answers you are lost for words and can no longer string a sentence together.



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Kind of a big deal

>It is seriously 15 seconds long of the same little beat


The thing with subliminal programming is it needs lots of repetition to stick.

It is helping you stay in touch with your inner-nerd
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