Meraki Equipment Rack - Eye Candy

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Meraki Equipment Rack - Eye Candy

Thought I would share the Setup we are using going forward at most of our small remote locations.  Total investment approx. $400 for rack components (Rack, Shelving, Patch Panel, PDU, & Battery Backup).  The $30 Rocker switch addition (From Guitar Center) has saved us countless tech support calls when devices need to be rebooted.  It makes it also easy for us admins to troubleshoot & keeps things nice & neat.  No more end users saying which one is the Modem or trying to find the right cord to unplug.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@ArpTableCorrupt NICE, I like that ADJ bar, a shame it only comes in US plug fittings. C14 connections would be a nice option.


Thanks for sharing !

You're welcome!

Hey @BlakeRichardson,


I used the C14 bars in deployments for the previous company I was working for; I don't remember the exact brand we used at the time, but I found the Transcension PC 08 with a quick Google search that might suit your needs. 🙂





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@GiacomoS Thanks for sharing that looks exactly like what I am after. 

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That ADJ switch is the brightest idea ever !!!! Im doing this moving forward...  Thank you for the idea !!!

No problem at all!  Our setup also uses a Meraki AP that feeds off of the switch.  Most of our users are on laptops so of the power gets interrupted, they stay plugging away.  If the main provider goes down during a power outage (which usually happens) we use a backup Verizon UML295 cell stick & for the most time the failover is seamless.  With the attached equipment we're getting 70 minutes of runtime on an APC BR1500G.  We just got in the BR1500MS model (featured in the photograph) which has the better Pure Signwave Output, but haven't ran a load test yet for comparison.

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We found a great rack mount shelf for the MX65 here:


Make sure you get the V2, it has a small fiber optic cable so you can see the status light from the "front".  

@RichG Thank you for sharing this, I will be ordering a few for our smaller MX units when the SS store gets them back in stock.


Thanks again for sharing this!

Agree with @BlakeRichardson@RichG, those were an amazing find. We ordered a few and are doing a mockup for our travel team based on @ArpTableCorrupt's design. This is probably my favorite thread in awhile.

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Glad to share an idea that helps everyone else out !  Here is another Great Lakes Cabinet we installed in a shared Building suite environment.  Had to have a lockable cabinet to keep unwanted folks off of our equipment & network. e2.jpg






Hey, I recognize that PBX(Vertical's Summit), great little system for SMBs. Think I would've added another shelf though and mounted that Vertical horizontal. 

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Such a great idea. We're working on a mockup for our branches now. 


Great job!

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