Meraki Cost Calculator

Kind of a big deal

Meraki Cost Calculator

Below are the links I am using. I am seeing something a bit odd. 


MS120-48FP - MSRP = $4635, but the calculator shows total as $270015 with a qty of 1

MS210-4hFP - MSRP = $6570, calculator shows the correct total of $6940 with the license


As far as I can tell the Access switches are the ones that are messed up.


Might be something for @CameronMoody to look at

Kind of a big deal

I see the same.  What browser(s) did you try?  Safari for me:


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 9.10.38 AM.png

Kind of a big deal

IE11 and Chrome 75

Kind of a big deal

Wow. Those be some expensive switches!

Kind of a big deal

Also to note:


MS120-48FP MSRP Listed is $4370 without a license. Cisco CCW shows the list as $5330 without a license. Did the price decrease?

Meraki Employee



The MS125-48FP definitely doesn't cost $270015... So that's wrong on our part. I just tested and saw the calculator produce that number once, but... now I can't reproduce it again, no matter which browser I use. It only gives the MSRP-with-no-license number for me now.


However, it looks like the access switches don't apply the correct license cost, while all other switches do. I'll send a note about that.


I'd also be happy to give the team responsible for the cost calculator a heads-up about the $270015 error, but they might have a hard time fixing it unless we can figure out what conditions trigger the error.


2019-06-26 10_12_19-Cisco Meraki _ Meraki Cost Calculator.png


Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki

Surely it's just ctrl + f and 270015... 🤪




Not all devices are affected. I have tested on 2 browsers on 3 machines on 3 different internet connections and never once did I get the correct price on the affected models.








I also I couldn't find where it is pulling the prices from easily. I did find no combo of multiplier on the MSRP plus or minus the license between the models is consistent. I thought maybe it was just putting 56 switches on the quote 🙂

I hope its power cord comes in a gold plated drawstring bag for that price!

>I hope its power cord comes in a gold plated drawstring bag for that price!


If you pay the MSRP price I'll throw in a pair of socks.



Is there a recommended Browser for this and/OR a direct link to the calculator?



Kind of a big deal

Seems to be unavailable at the moment for me, but there was a direct link posted by the OP. You can still see it in the google cache:

Thanks, doesn't look like its working for me correctly either, but i can see the link. 

Kind of a big deal

Still broken

Kind of a big deal

@CameronMoody  @Raj66 @MeredithW 


Any update on this?

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