How many Meraki Devices do you administer?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

How many Meraki Devices do you administer?

I look after the following


2 x Organisations

3 x Networks

9 x MS Switches

3 x MX Appliances

247 x Systems Manager Devices


All three of these networks will be expanding this year with more MS units. I will be adding in more networks as legacy equipment is replace with MX and MS units.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I am only counting Meraki equipment otherwise the list would be much larger. 

Thanks @BlakeRichardson for kicking off this thread, will be interesting to see if we can get a little friendly competition going, although we might have to break it down by vertical, haha.  In my own account base I have some customers like large K12 school districts with over 20k students who have over 3000 Meraki devices in a single organization spanning 30+ school buildings... Over 1500 APs, hundreds of switches, hundreds of cameras, and dozens of MX appliances.  In addition, they have as many as 15,000 mobile devices in their Systems Manager network.  I don't personally administer those, so I'm "ineligible" to post on this thread, haha.  But let's see what the community is willing to share!  




MS22/MS42 2

MS220-24 6

MS220-24P 6

MS220-48LP 1

MS225-24P 3

MS225-48FP 1

MS250-48FP 8

MS320-24P 1

MX64 160

MX64W 1

MX65W 1

MX80 9

MX400 1

VMX100 3

Wireless AP 263

Z1 8

Kind of a big deal

I currently manage four orgs, three of which are K-12 public school districts. It's around 1900 MR devices, a few MXen, a couple hundred SM clients, under 100 MS and (shortly) around 400 MV devices. I expect the MS and MV count to grow pretty substantially as we move off of legacy switching and camera platforms. 

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Nothing anywhere near as fun!

1x Organization

2x Networks 

16x MS switches

1x MX appliance 

63x MR Wi-Fi

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1 x Organisation 

9 x Networks

4 x MS Switches

17 x MX Appliances (with HA pairs)

1 x vMX Appliance

6 x MR APs (waiting on Accounting to approve another 32 to swap over a couple offices)

9 x Systems Manager Devices (Only cell phones of field foremen)


One Org, 21 Networks

Systems Manager Agent27
Wireless AP30
Here to help

Meraki Partner, so probably a bit out of the ordinary..  In my Dashboard, you would find the following:

  • 25 Organizations
  • 90 Networks
  • 4 MC Phones
  • 1774 MR Access Points
  • 669 MS Switches
  • 4 MV Cameras
  • 23 Security Appliances
  • 2595 Systems Manager Agents
Getting noticed

Six networks with the following:

50 x MS Switches

317 x MR APs


In the process of retiring the old MS 22/42P switches and MR 16/18 APs.

Here to help

Current Meraki

1 organization

12 networks

3 MX84

5 MS350-48FP

40 MR52

5 MV21

With more of everything this year

CMNO, Dell Certified, A+
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