Fight COVID-19 With Folding@Home

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Meraki Employee

Fight COVID-19 With Folding@Home

Hey Meraki Community!


Are you looking for more ways to help fight COVID-19? If so, I would like to formally invite you to join The Cisco Meraki Folding@Home Team!


As you might imagine, scientists across the globe are actively fighting a battle to develop a treatment for COVID-19 as quickly as possible. And it turns out that people in the networking/computer/software world (you) are in a prime position to help with this battle.


A major hurdle for researchers trying to defeat COVID-19 (and several other illnesses for that matter) is access to computer power; running analysis and simulations on complex proteins takes a lot of time and computational resources that limit researchers' ability to make progress with their work. Folding@Home is an organization that allows you to donate CPU/GPU cycles on your own computers/servers to run portions of these simulations for these researchers and speed up results. By crowdsourcing processing power, researchers can complete simulations that would take days to weeks in just a couple hours. If you have access to gaming computers, servers and/or even just a home PC and you are interested in joining, you can get started by following THIS link.


Once you set up the F@H client, you can choose to contribute anonymously, join the Cisco Meraki Team (Team #243108), the Cisco Systems Team (Team #1115) or start your own team with friends/colleagues!


The Cisco Meraki team was created about a month ago and in that time, we have already broken into the top 1000 highest contributing teams in the world! If you are want to track our progress (or yours if you join the team) you can use the below links:


Team global standings

Individual standings within the team


For more information regarding Folding@Home, please see useful links below:

Folding@Home FAQ

Creating a User and Joining a Team

Folding@Home Reaches exaFLOP of computer power

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Here to help

How much time is good to donate, what type of platform is best?

Linux or windows, how many proc cores are desired and ram vs disk space on a VM?

would Meraki reduce a MX80 license so i can protect inbound and outbound traffic to assist and protect my lab investments from outbound traffic as a best practice?

I will spread this word to save lives and unite a world in lockdown.


@Adam-Baxter  I doubt Meraki would sell you a reduced license as this would open a massive can of worms plus Cisco is not an actual parter. I would suggest if you want to do this setup an old computer in a DMZ and keep everything secure that way. 



understandable per succcessful business model, was looking for info for sport to help , and alway hoping for a prayer to move forward and serve all who is in need. 

old computers..  as long as its not on my domain, cheers.. 

A model citizen

I'll get my Pi setup for this when I get home!

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@Mr_IT_Guy wrote:

I'll get my Pi setup for this when I get home!

So sad I left my Pi at the office 😞

Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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Not as sad as me knowing i have a bandwidth limit with Comcast currently 😞

Sooo it turns out the Pi can't run Folding@home.... 


BUT it can run BOINC and the Rosetta@home project which helps to solve medical issues. So I created a Meraki Community Team there to put my Pis to good use. I'll get an old laptop to donate time to the Folding@home project and set it up this weekend.


Also.... Team Meraki has gone up 80 spots since Tuesday over at Folding@home. Way to go guys!!

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Getting noticed

Added it to my F@H ....

Team 243108

T Roberts
A+, Network+, MCP, Dell and CMNO
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