Escalating a problem

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Escalating a problem

Anyone have any tips of escalating a support problem? I've had two tickets in the last year that have drug on forever and the techs give me the run around. I keep expecting to speak with a manager or level 2 or something, but that never seems to happen. Sales reps have been zero help so far too. Any success stories getting better help?

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Kind of a big deal

When something is going really bad I always call our Cisco resp, not only the meraki resp. And afterwards, both times something was happening...


Kind of a big deal

Same here. Had to contact our Cisco rep to get any real traction. Otherwise, had a case or two opened for over 12 months. Same response each time, upgrade to new firmware. Which seems silly to me because they never took the time to dive into the root cause, so I'm not sure how you can fix a problem if you don't know what the problem is.

Its been frustrating a few times, but honestly support is usually fantastic for day to day stuff. Its rare when I happen to be walking through my garden of perfect roses that I get stuck by a thorn and it turns into a cut that won't stop bleeding as far as support goes.
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Hey @BrownGB,


Sorry to hear that. Please DM me the details of your cases and I'd be happy to help!

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Same here , I have like 6 cases that are more than 1.5 y.o and some others that I just abandoned because not support




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Hey @aws_architect,


Looks like several of your cases are waiting on a fix from our developers. I went ahead and messaged all the Support Engineers handling your cases to make sure you are updated ASAP. If you have any specific questions regarding any of your cases, please feel free to DM me.



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Hello @RodrigoC  ,


More than a month passed and still nothing. Even more bug reported .

Can we have a chat ?


Thank you 



Hey @aws_architect ,


Of course! Please DM me your details.


- Rodrigo

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Case 08421059 [ref:_00D606uBw._5006Q1sxTIr:ref]

We have the same issues as most people here requiring escalation of a ticket (proper support level)
Do we need to involve Cisco account management every time we require support from  Meraki?

Being used to Cisco TAC support we see there is a long way to go for Meraki unless the focus is to only sell to small/medium business customers.

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