CMNA Promo License Renewals Continue

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

CMNA Promo License Renewals Continue

I just received an email regarding CMNA license renewals and wanted to share this info with you:


"At Meraki, we always strive to deliver a simple and enjoyable experience. In response to feedback from you and your peers regarding CMNA promotional gear license renewals, we are going to continue supporting license renewals with our existing process. Longer-term, we are exploring a scalable model for both Cisco employees and partners to get Meraki equipment for demo and enablement purposes.

We are always looking for ways to improve how we support and enable our audiences on Meraki technology and want to ensure that any changes we make enhance your experience. Thank you for your patience, feedback, and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months and please refer to the CMNA FAQ if you have any questions about license renewals!"

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


Getting noticed

Great news


Can you please advise of formal renewal process and as an existing CMNA, what do I have to do to ensure I get renewal in time or preferably ahead of time?

This is what I found:


However, when I try to email I'm getting a bounce back that the e-mail no longer exists. Does anyone know who I should reach out to so I can get my CMNA email updated?

Nevermind, the is working today. 😛

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I received that automated email on my CMNA renewal that I do not meet the requirement because I don't work for a Cisco Meraki authorized reseller which I clearly do and they sent this no renewal notice to my work email which is tied to my employer which is an authorized Meraki reseller and we just sold a bunch of Meraki hardware during Cisco EOY. And then they said for questions send it to which I did and it turns out it was another non-monitored automated mailbox indicating the renewal is automatic and no longer manual process with no human support.

I have exactly the same problem. The automated process seems to me to be 'broken'.

Keen to hear if you have any success. My license currently expires in 6 days which will be a problem.

What did you do ?

New here

Having the same problem.  I received several emails asking me to verify my network which I did.  Then finally received an email about two weeks ago saying that the network was verified and that I should expect an email from with the licenses, but that they had been auto-renewed.  Two days from expiration, no email and they hadn't been renewed.  Emailed, got the automated response that was useless.  Emailed, and got virtually the same automated email.  So I opened a case.  A day later, the only update to the case was the same contents of the automated email saying "you should be auto-renewed" and reach out to if they haven't been renewed in a week.  Then the case was closed.  Opened it again, same response, then closed again.  So I opened another case, same thing happened.  The third time I re-opened it, I asked that it not be closed and that I wanted someone to actually look into it.  Twelve hours later I finally got a response that said:

Thanks for the update

If the auto renewal does not process automatically you will need to obtain licenses via a different channel.


Kind of feels like I got the runaround until the license expired.  If they weren't going to renew the promo licenses, then they shouldn't have back-pedaled their initial statement.  I still have a case open, but I'm not hopeful.  I enjoyed working with Meraki, and I used my promo gear for my home network and for development.  Without it, I'll be looking for another product to recommend.

Just browsing

My solution around this is just going to have a different manufacture switch/AP/firewall ready to go when it doesn't renew which is sad because I used the Meraki stack to demo to the customer all the time and closed a lot of deals because of it and now I won't be able to and might have to resort to demo other manufacturer's solution.

Head in the Cloud

Did anyone ever find out who to contact if nothing happens and there is "less then 1 week" left of your license.

And you still got the renewals mail and so on .... 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone, thank you for raising this issue in the Meraki Community and sharing your concerns here. It is certainly frustrating when you need help and feel you aren't being listened to or can't get through to an actual person. 


Meraki is currently going through some changes in how we manage promo gear, and executive leadership is working on a more sustainable and long term solution. Until then, Cisco partners can obtain licenses via the NFR process . Please work with your ordering team to request NFR licensing.


We will keep you updated when there is a new process and way forward to share. In the meantime, more info about NFR (not for resale) licensing can be found here:

Whats the NFR discount these days ? 90 % 70 % 

Hi @thomasthomsen, the standard discount currently is 70% to 80% for hardware, and 90% to 100% for software.

So .. if Meraki would just be nice and give me a 100% discount on the "software" (read : licenses) that would be lovely. 🙂

Now Im gonna try to see if this "Get it as NFR" works.... I'll keep ppl posted 🙂

My interpreted response from our Meraki sales rep.:

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA .... 90 to 100 % .... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!"


RIP my home lab.

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So if I read correctly betwwen the lines then the current model of promotional licences will be deprecated and it will be neccessary to pay for it, right? 😊

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