Apologies and real-time stats

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Apologies and real-time stats



Firstly I need to apologise to this family here for not being on-line for the last few months and not contributing as I used to, especially being a founding member of the group,  unfortunately when the "virus" hit the world my Meraki billing hours when from almost 1000 per year to zero overnight and like many, I had to re-invent a revenue stream so for the first time since 2007 I had to focus on something other than Meraki.


Thanks are starting to get back to normal and I have a new client that needs something that I have never sorted out in the past.

I need to realtime traffic stats (SNMP) from MX and MS devices using a local device but on a very tight budget, I was thinking of something like MRTG, but has anyone actually got this working that I can get some help from or can someone suggest something else.


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Kind of a big deal

I seems SNMP is barely supported by Meraki.  If I were in your shoes I think I would look at PRTG and net flow from the MX.  That should be easy enough.  For the MS maybe play with SNMP and see what you can see.



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