VPP Delay with updates

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VPP Delay with updates

I need some help with VPP and the sync between Meraki and VPP with the apple app store. Every time one of our vendor apps updates in the apple app store it takes 24 hours before Meraki will sync through the VPP process. Who can help answer why there is a delay?


For example, we use an application named ModMed Practice as our EMR application. The company will publish an update and will be available in the Apple app store. With Meraki, we use VPP to manage and push apps to ipads. Meraki doesn’t seem to be recognize the update. Come back about 24 hours later and it syncs.


We have been dealing with this for 2 years. Still can’t seem to get Apple and Meraki to explain why this happens.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Forget Meraki for a moment.


When you publish an update to an app it can often take several weeks before all the devices see it.  This is because it gets made available to more and more devices to limit the load caused by an update.


Back to Meraki.  Rather than it taking several weeks to get all your devices updated it now only takes 24 hours.



I'd call it pretty fantastic.

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These are bazaar responses. Who is monitoring this crap!

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don't worry they will cleanup
Kind of a big deal



Are you talking about the information on the VPP screen updating or the actual App? As these are two very different things.


I haven't noticed any delay on when the App is actually released and when it is available to iPads, the Meraki MDM just makes a call to the App store to query what the latest version of the App is when updating/downloading. 

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