This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases

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This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases

I am working on some ipads for my school with Meraki.  When I go to an ipad to download the apps I want to have on each ipad, I get an error that 'This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases.'


Any ideas of how to work through this?

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I think you probably have a setting in the MDM profile or the Applie ID itself is restricted?


If the apps are free, it's better to push the apps through Meraki rather than downloading them. You can limit the apps by sertting different profiles for different iPads. 

Thanks for the response.  I am new to this process.  The apps are all free.  I will do some looking into the MDM or Apple Id profile for any restrictions

Hi STS Madison


You use apple business or apple school manager ?


On mi case, I use Apple Business Manager, from apple site buy apps and asign to my organization, after on Meraky dashboard assign the app to my profile.



Also, are you trying to purchase/download the apps through the App Store or push them automatically through Meraki.


This has impact to the workflow as well.

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Kind of a big deal

You have each iPad in DeviceOwner mode, and are also separately logging each iPad into an Apple account as well?

Kind of a big deal

@STS-Madison  Are you using an account created in Apple school manager? If so that is the problem as accoutns created in ASM cannot be used on the Apple sotre.



Check feature availability

Your school or district can use Managed Apple IDs to log in to a Shared iPad and access Apple services. These services include iCloud and Schoolwork, and you can collaborate in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote with other users within your organization. Managed Apple IDs also include 200GB of iCloud storage.

To maintain a focus on education, these services are disabled for Managed Apple IDs: 

  • App Store purchasing
  • iTunes Store purchasing
  • Book Store purchasing
  • HomeKit connected devices
  • Apple Pay
  • Find My
  • iCloud Mail
  • iCloud Keychain (although, keychain items are saved and restored on Shared iPad devices)
  • iCloud Family Sharing

Because Managed Apple IDs can't make purchases, administrators assign content to your Managed Apple ID or assigned devices.
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