Single App (Kiosk) Mode - photos


Single App (Kiosk) Mode - photos

Good Afternoon,


Current situation:

1. We have to deploy 32 iPads in Single App (Kiosk) mode

2. All devices enrolled via DEP

3. App purchased via VPP

4. App successfully pushed to devices and devices locked in kiosk mode



1. App has got a button, when pressed a popup appears with options:

1.1 Take a picture and attach it to a message - works fine

1.2 Take a video and attach it to a message - works fine

1.3 Attach a picture or video from photo library - when selected another popup appears (I assume looking for photos but failing to access them, just goes into a white popup state) - window cannot get closed down - tablet needs to be rebooted....


Advice needed / workarounds:

1. Is there a way to have a tablet in kiosk mode with permissions to access photos (even though there are none saved on the device).

2. Is there a way to close the blank window that appears when 'attach a picture or video' button is pressed

3. If 1 and 2 are no, I was thinking to scrap the kiosk mode plan and use 'show or hide apps' option under Restrictions. Problem with that is that I can't see a way to hide Settings App then and I really need to make sure Settings cannot get accessed.


Any advice appreciated!






Kind of a big deal

@kris123  From my testing being able to open another app in kiosk mode isn't supported. Your options are put up with that or just hide apps as you suggested already the only downside to this is system settings are still accessible via the toolbar.

@BlakeRichardson - thanks, this will be a a struggle! 😞


Considering that all iPads will get securely locked in a physical kiosk, end user will not have access to reboot them should they accidentally lock themselves in a white screen popup. Myself and team would then need to remotely reboot them which will be a nightmare.


1. Do you know if there is any way to hide system settings if I utilize the 'hide apps' feature?

2. I was playing around with 'Enable AssistiveTouch' feature under Single App Mode settings, do you know if reboot tablet option can be added to it? If yes, at least end user will be able to reboot it without the need to contact me and team.


Trying to come up with creative workaround, any feedback appreciated!


Meraki Employee

The settings app is the only app that can't be hidden, alas.


But, should the home button be hidden, then assistive touch is a great way to give the user the option of going back to the Home Screen.


None of this is ideal, I'll grant you...


Thanks Paul. Is there a way to add a reboot option to assistive touch menu while it's in kiosk mode? I can add it under settings but then when tablet is forced into kiosk mode - the reboot option disappears.


If yes, I think that would be a decent workaround that would allows end user to reboot it should they get stuck in any of the popup menus that cannot be closed down without a need to contact us. Exposing settings menu to end user is too big of a risk imo so thats a no-go.




Kind of a big deal

@kris123  Have you tried guided access?

We've decided to go with Kiosk mode for now (acknowledging the fact that me an team will need to occasionally reboot devices that are stuck) and reached out to App developers asking to hide / remove the option to attach existing photos - don't have much hope that they will 😞

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