Sever check after boot but before unlock


Sever check after boot but before unlock

I've noticed I'm unable to send commands to devices or get device location updates on Android devices after they boot but before they've been unlocked. Our devices all have passwords on them (required) - until they are unlocked after booting, they seem to not communicate with the MDM servers. Is that what others have experienced / is that intentional - or should I be able to issue commands (e.g. reset passcode/wipe passcode, wipe device) and get GPS location as long as the device is turned on even if it hasn't been unlocked since booting?


I had this issue before with a different MDM and they were able to update their system to have the devices at least check-in with the servers when initially rebooted - so it should be possible. 


My devices are set up as zero-touch enrollment fully managed devices.

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