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Settings Deployment


Does anyone know if you deploy a profile with restrictions on to a ios that already has a default profile set up and install does it merge the two together or does it override one profile. 


I need to make a restriction change to a few devices but I don't want the new settings policy to override any restrictions just add an extra couple but since it is not all our devices I can not change the default profile.


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Kind of a big deal

With Apple devices, they go to the most restrictive policies being applied to the device. I have multiple different setting packages to apply more restrictive policies to student devices.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

If I remember rightly, you can deploy multiple overlapping profiles, in which case the most restrictive setting is applied.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

If you have multiple profiles scoped to a device each contains a Restrictions payload, the more "limiting" setting will take precedence, e.g. if you allow a service/setting in Profile A, but disallow it in Profile B and both profiles are installed on the device, the disallow from Profile B will take priority.


You'll need to use tags to properly scope the payload to the required devices.

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