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SM New Enrollment Portal

So, I got an email earlier today inviting to beta test new enrollment URL Clicked on the link and got 503 error, because automatic redirect to HTTPS is not configured.


Fair enough, this is a beta test after all. Let's see what next steps are: it accepted network shortcut but stumbled at authentication (we have Azure AD configured) with error AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'. Have devs forgotten to repoint Azure auth component from their test environment to the public ones?

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Kind of a big deal

I just tried myself and laughed when I got this: 



I mean come on at least publish valid links when you send out communications.

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same here 😮

This was a problem with the http -> https redirect and is now resolved.

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Managed to get it working: new portal requires a new reply URL to be added to Azure app:




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Awesome! So glad you were able to get it working. Yes indeed, those are the correct Redirect URIs for Azure authentication.


For anyone else who might be in need of this, the list of required Azure Redirect URIs and setup steps for user authentication can be found here:

The link provided has incorrect/outdated info. The screenshot for final authentication configuration shows Redirect URIs under "Mobile and desktop applications" instead of the "Web" panel. Which means the Manifest example provided is also incorrect. Can you verify?







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Ironically I am having the same Azure AD redirect error. Am I missing something?




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Can we see the error in question?

I was getting an unspecified error with one of my test accounts until I cleared the browser cache.


Althought, the manifest in my app has different type for reply URL entries.



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The manifest screenshot you provided is exactly what I have. The manifest screenshot in my post is provided in the How-to on official Cisco Meraki SM instructional site. Hoping a Meraki staff member will see it and handle it as needed.


The error I am getting is exactly what you were receiving in the original post that stated a redirect URL error but I am receiving this in the Meraki Trusted Manager Android app.

Found the issue.


Adding "merakismoauth://com.meraki.pcc.unmanaged" under Mobile and desktop applications panel is not noted in the instructions. It is however shown in the screenshot provided that is not very accurate. After I added this, it proceeded to add the owned device and download the wi-fi config. These instructions need to be reviewed and corrected to avoid future service ticket issues.


This is what the instructions provide...




When setup properly, this is how it should look...





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