Unable to prevent MDM removal on IOS

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Unable to prevent MDM removal on IOS

Previously I have use Configurator to add my devices to my business DEP. I would log into Apple Business and change the MDM to My Meraki MDM.  In System Manager (DEP) I would create a profile that both require the MDM and and prohibit removal.  This used to work. However I've noticed that the last 3 Ipads I rolled out, have the ability to remove the MDM under device management on the IPAD

Kind of a big deal

@RonM228 If the devices have been enrolled using configurator and not DEP this is normal. There is a 30 day period before the device profile cannot be removed.


" If you’ve acquired devices outside of Apple or participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers, they can also be added to DEP using Apple Configurator. When you set up a device that has been manually enrolled, it behaves like any other enrolled device, with mandatory supervision and MDM enrollment. However, the user has a 30-day provisional period to remove the device from enrollment, supervision, and MDM.



Source https://www.apple.com/mx/business-docs/DEP_Guide.pdf

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