Revoke device licenses from deleted devices Meraki

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Revoke device licenses from deleted devices Meraki


How do I revoke device license from devices I have deleted in Meraki?

I am guessing I shouldn't have deleted the devices before removing the apps, but would the licenses ever come back when the device removes the profile, or just over time, or are they gone?


I remember reading that VPP licenses hang around for a 30 day grace period. This was an apple thing.


I also set the the apps to revoke when falling out of scope. The device are definitely out of scope. 


Right now in systems manager / VPP / 10 licenses are assigned to 10 devices, but those devices are now gone.


Thanks in advance.

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Meraki Employee

@hd_IT  Please reach out to Meraki Support.  They can assist you with recovering VPP licenses.  

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Sometimes if you try adding the app using the VPP licenses to another network it will force an update of the license count and clear the "in use" licenses.

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Thank you both,


I am still having issues with this. 


It has dropped down the list of priorities, but it is still an issue. 


Surely these can be recovered, even if you didn't retrieve them properly when removing managed iPads, the licenses shouldn't be gone for good, you organisation owns them, I have never seen that warned anywhere on any MDM.


Meraki's guides on this focus on VPP users, not VPP licenses/Devices.

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Have you checked the option "remove with MDM"? We get the correct license count even when just deleting the device.

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I had the same issue and the following worked for me.  In the app listing, I clicked on "Revoke unknown device licenses" and "Refresh details" and then I refreshed the page and my license count went down and removed the devices that I had deleted.  I'm not sure which one of those actually did the trick, but it worked!

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I am wondering about "Revoke unknown device licenses" 


I want to remove all devices from Meraki at the end of the year. Then run the above.


Will this give a 'grace period' - or will they remove straight away.


How do I invoke the grace period for managed VPP apps


According to step 4, on page 4 here - there is a difference:

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