Profile install status "Out of date"?

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Profile install status "Out of date"?

Hi all,


I have a few profiles pushing to iPads, it's all a new set up and all certificates are up to date.


When I'm looking at the profile list I can see that targeted and installed on don't seem to match. All iPads are charged and connected to the wifi. It seems some iPads have received one profile and not others.


I can see from the scope list that some say installed but others are saying "Out of date", I have searched around and cannot find a reason for this, anyone have any ideas?


thank you.








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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@AftabAhmad  I restart should fix this.  Also any time you make a change to these settings the profil will need to update. 

Thanks Blake I'll give it a go


I also have this issue that is not resolved from a restart of the device. 

I think I resolved this, but it was so long ago I can't remember. I think I may have updated the APNS certificate, it may have been expired, check all your tokens, make sure everything is up to date.



I am having the same issue with 300 devices, can anyone help please?



Are these iPads that have passcodes on them? If so, the only time a profile can be updated is when an iPad is unlocked. 


Basically these iPad need to be unlocked and then the profile update "should" occur. I believe this is an Apple limitation that I thought was going to be resolved in an iOS update at some point.


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