Profile Error: The required field "UserIdentifier" is missing.

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Profile Error: The required field "UserIdentifier" is missing.

I have a group of iPads that won't pull a profile, on further investigation, i can see this error...


Error: The required field "UserIdentifier" is missing.


Where do i find this?

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I have the same issue. Is your error being returned from devices with iOS 14.2 on?

My devices are currently on iOS 14...

I have logged a call with Meraki but they are trying to divert me to Apple.  Think I am going to get caught between them blaming each other.


I wonder if it is anything to do with the 'Private Mac address' feature introduced with IOS 14?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

In the cases that I've seen, this error relates to an education payload within the profile.


As things stand now, the Meraki SM team is unable to find any errors in the profiles we are sending to the end devices. We've tried to reproduce the issue in house, but so far this has not been reproducible.


Meraki has recently opened a case with Apple to better understand what could be causing these issues.


If you have an open case regarding this issue, the support engineer should be able to provide updates on the issue as the case develops with apple. Please feel free to link your assigned engineer to this community page.



Thanks Dalton.  I have just sent you a DM.



We have started having this issue also. The iPads have just been reset for the new school year.

I've just updated to iPadOS 14.3, and I still receive the error Error: The required field “UserIdentifier” is missing.

Is there a way to manually install the settings profile, or is there a known fix?





Hi Simon,


I raised a ticket with Meraki over this and they have said that they have opened an internal case with Apple to find out what is wrong.


My limited testing so far shows that if the 'Education' setting is removed from a settings profile and the ipad is then erased and re-streamed then it seems to be OK.


However, this is not really a great workaround for me as I have 120 ipads to do!.  And it definitely isn't a workaround if you need the Apple Education payload in settings.


I would encourage you to open a support case with Merak so that they they know this is not an isolated case.





Thanks Stuart,


@Homestead I have been looking around for the support case page, but can't find it.

One of Meraki's pages said to login to dashboard and navigate to Help > Get Help > Still need help? > Submit and submit an email case.

I'm able to navigate to Still need help?, but there is no place to submit an email case?


Is this the correct place for submitting support cases?





Hi @SimonA1 


I have logged a case by logging into the Dashboard, clicking on 'Help' and then 'Cases'


Hope that helps





Thanks Stuart, Much appreciated.

As it turns out, I don't have a Cases link in the help menu.








Hey Stuart,


I just need to confirm, when you said you logged a case by clicking on help and then cases, was that referring to the original case that you logged, or that you logged a second case on my behalf?


If I follow your instructions to submit my own, I don't have a Cases link in my Help menu.








No I didn't log a case for you, only my own.


It is odd that you don't have the 'Cases' in your menu.  Maybe give them a ring?

@Green_Ghost @Homestead @slear 


Hi Guys,


I seem to have fixed the problem. As there was only 1 iPad that may have needed the education payload, I duplicating the profile, removed and re-added the education settings. At some stage, I also clicked Sync ASM inside the education payload. I'm not sure if this did anything or not. Something in all those steps must have fixed the problem and everything appears normal.


However, if I click on that sync button now, I receive an error message which reads: Encountered Errors when syncing ASM: Please ensure your MDM server and users are configured correctly in the Apple School portal.








Kind of a big deal



Good to know it isn't just me having this issue. I've got this thread open where I have been talking about what I have seen lately and been working with support on.

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