Move MDM Configuration to another Org


Move MDM Configuration to another Org

Hello Guys,


I have been tasked to Merge 2 different configuration into only 1



18 Networks


Only the MDM


I asked the meraki Support and they replied they can only move the licensing from one org to another, so i have to figured out how to copy all the configuration first.

Is there any script which connect to both org via API that can do the copy?


Any other idea ?


Thank you 🙂

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You realise to move DEP enrolled or Supervised devices between orgs you'll have to wipe them?


I'm not aware of any way to copy settings.

From what I know this isn't possible. Taking screenshots or using a second web browser and setting aside a few hours is your only option. As mentioned any exisiting devices will need to be wiped for them to work. 

Thats scary ... thank you for the info


I guess there is no other way


"Fine ... i will do it myself than" *with Thanos voice

@Guerrini its one of those jobs where you need to have a nice big pot of tea or coffee and some headphones with your favourite album or a good audiobook.


Even better is being able to delegate it to someone else 😂

A model citizen

Had to do the same thing a few months ago. You will have to copy paste every setting manually.

There isn't even a possibility to download the settings as a mobileconfig file.


Open two browser tabs on two screens and start 🙂

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