Missing some options on newly enrolled iPads

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Missing some options on newly enrolled iPads

Hi All,


I have inherited Meraki MDM (Legacy) at my workplace. 


On existing iPads I see the following options available -


Capture X.JPG


The 'Clear Activation Lock' feature is particularly handy for resetting iPads when people have forgotten their Apple ID.


However when I enroll new iPads (primarily AppleCare+ replacements) I am not seeing all options available. Instead I only see a sub-set of commands -


Capture Y.JPG


Finally during the setup of new iPads I do not see the customary 'Remote Management' screen, which is normally presented prior to entering an Apple ID (on the iPad). Instead I first need the end user to enter an Apple ID, and then from settings I must manually install a Management Profile.


Can anybody offer any insights into why I am seeing different options (as shown above)?


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Kind of a big deal



Are you applying DEP profiles to the iPads?


I would look at System Manager and look at DEP under manage and make sure the serial numbers are listed and have profiles assigned.



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@MrDavo  It sounds like your new devices are not enrolled in DEP. 

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You need to check for those device in DEP section in MDM and apply settings before you activate them. If they are not there, try adding them via Apple Business portal. If that fails, you can manually add them to DEP via Apple Configurator 2 app. Apple unfortunately doesn't always add warranty replacement devices to your DEP account.

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