Issues with App in Kiosk Mode

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Issues with App in Kiosk Mode

I am using Kiosk mode on a Samsung Tab A to present the Transflo transportation app. I am having an issue where the device gets unplugged, loses power and the screen dims.Even once the power is restored and the tablet recharged the screen stays as the lowest setting and the tablet becomes very hard to use. 2 issues with the Kiosk mode. 1. I do not see any way to grant the user the ability to restore the power settings to a usable level. 2. When in Kiosk mode the normal systems indications including power level in the upper right do not display.If these could display in Kiosk mode it would at least provide a visual representation of the battery level.

I do have the power saving mode turned off under the advanced battery setting.

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Hopefully the issue of not being able to see the status bar should be resolved in the next few months


As for the ability to change the screen dimming: I believe that to be an android / Samsung issue. Sorry!

While I agree that the issue with dimming is an Android issue, the inability of the user to be able to interact with the settings to reset the screen brightness is something that might be addressable. In the Meraki settings is it possible to create a whitelist for settings and some granularity to allow the user to interact with some of the settings. 

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