Info: Using the profiles command on a Mac

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Info: Using the profiles command on a Mac

Hi All.


At the command line on a Mac is a command, which can fix two different issues


1. If you get an error like this

ERROR] MDM_Connect: Unable to create MDM identity from persistent reference: -25304 (The specified item is no longer valid. It may have been deleted from the keychain.) for profile: MDM Profile.....


2. If you've assigned the wrong DEP profile to a Mac and want to change it, or if you want to make an non removable MDM profile removable, or vice versa


NOTE: This is quite a powerful command, so be careful


This command will essentially re-enroll a DEP Mac, refreshing management profiles (can be useful for expired certificates, especially SCEP certs). If you've made an changes to your DEP profiles, and assigned a new one to this Mac, it will get whatever new capabilities you've enabled.


Open the Terminal App




sudo profiles renew -type enrollment


You'll be prompted for your Mac password


You'll notice a notification in the top right of the screen:


Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 09.42.24.jpeg


Click Update


Systems Preferences should now open:


Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 09.42.33.jpeg


Clicking Update will now re-enroll the Mac


I hope that this is useful. As mentioned, it fixed a broken enrollment for me, but also allowed me to change the "removable" status as well.


Kind of a big deal

@PaulF : awesome

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