How to remove old devices that are physically inaccessible anymore


How to remove old devices that are physically inaccessible anymore



On our Meraki MDM dashboard we see a number of old devices that are physically inaccessible anymore.

We tried deleting them multiple times but they show up again after few days. Then we tried method described here . But, still the devices come back.

How to remove them for good from MDM?


Many thanks!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @Kanjiro ,


If you no longer have access to the device(s), you have two options:


  • Move the old devices to a new network, ensure they're checking in - then after 24hrs delete the new network. This should prevent the old devices from re-enrolling into the correct network as they will have updated their configuration with the new network ID
    • This does usually work, but sometimes if the device(s) aren't checking in regularly they may not update the network ID, if so, try the option below
  • Alternatively, move all existing SM devices to a new network (excluding the old ones you wish to remove)
    • You'll need to recreate your apps & configurations, so this may be a little destructive if you have a lot of them




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