How to disable Ipads Cameras

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How to disable Ipads Cameras

I'm trying to disable the camera function on a group of Ipads that are managed with Meraki MDM. We have several types of departments and policies and we target them by using tags. I would like to accomplish the cameras disabling by using tags if possible. If anyone can point me in the right direction I will appreciate it. Thanks!

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Re: How to disable Ipads Cameras

@NetAdmin1 : Not sure but can you check this and disable this on your dashboard ?

Systems Manager/Settings/Restrictions/iOS & MacOS/Allow photo stream

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Re: How to disable Ipads Cameras

1. Create a new Settings Profile first to apply different policies depending on the tag.

  Systems manager > Settings > [Create new Profile has new TAG] 

2. Uncheck 'Allow use of camera' in the path below.

  [New Profile has new TAG] > [Add 'Restrictions'] > Cross-platform restrictions > Camera

3. Apply newly created tags to iPad that disabling camera use.

4. Boom!

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Re: How to disable Ipads Cameras



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