Home Screen Layout + Webclips is buggy

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Home Screen Layout + Webclips is buggy

I am loving the ability to now order webclips on iOS11.3 homescreens.


However I seem to only be able to have a single webclip on the dock and  one on a page before it gets buggy. I have tried to add 4 webclips to my layout but it's just not working. Only one will stay in the dock, 2 are hidden and 1 is on page 1.


They seem to disappear and reappear and random. I cannot put them all on the dock where I want them.


Anyone else experiencing this?


I cannot get it to work properly on Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari so I don't think it's a browser issue. 


Maybe its Friday-itis kicking in.



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Re: Home Screen Layout + Webclips is buggy

I know there has been some issues with iOS 11.3 and Apps appearing in random places. I wonder if this is a side effect of this bug. Here's a nice link to some of the random bugs found in 11.3



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Kind of a big deal

Re: Home Screen Layout + Webclips is buggy

I will do some investigating.

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Re: Home Screen Layout + Webclips is buggy

I have recorded a video to showcase what I mean:



We use 4x Webclips for some Apps/Shortcuts we would like to position on the dock - but I can only get one to actually place there.


I have tried removing and deleting the profile - no change in behavior.



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