Feature Request: Kill Processes & Scope Policies to Devices/Users/Groups

Kind of a big deal

Feature Request: Kill Processes & Scope Policies to Devices/Users/Groups

While Meraki can fetch the process list and give admins the power to kill processes, it is useless unless you are looking directly at the process list under the device or instantly responding to email notifications. I think it would be nice to allow admins to kill processes automatically. For example, if I setup a policy to notify me by email that terminal was opened, the user still has the ability to run commands freely. Adding a checkbox below the running apps blacklist to kill the defined process would be very handy. 


In addition, the ability to scope/limit policies (similar to profiles/settings) to devices, users, and groups would be great. There are always special cases.


I understand that you can do this with configuration profiles, but it seems that restricting applications by path causes issues with startup items.

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