Exchange ActiveSync Email profile for 0365 uninstalls randomly


Exchange ActiveSync Email profile for 0365 uninstalls randomly

Hi All, 


I've been experiencing this issue for awhile where a users losses access to their emails and will receive a prompt to re-enter their password. I believe the email profiles is some how removed even though its set not to allow users to remove the profile and reinstalls itself. Im seeing this happen a few times a month randomly only on iOS devices. Wondering if any one has been experiencing this same issue.



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey @robertp09


End users have to re-input their passwords if the mail/activesync profile updates. I wonder if the Owners of the device were changing or if the profile was updating from Systems Manager to cause this. Do you see any "profile update" command in Activity Log from Systems Manager right before end users report this? If so, maybe there is an action in Dashboard causing the profiles to get updated. It is also possible the mail server needs the end users to re-authenticate again for some reason. 

Hi @MattMorg 


Yes, I do see an update on the profile ran early morning before I receive the call on the users email missing. Not seeing anything that's causing the update to run automatically. I have also seen the owner just disappear under device details and had to re add the owner again a few times before.  Thanks for the response.

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