Blacklist on Android no longer working

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Blacklist on Android no longer working

Hey everyone,


We have about 50 apps on our blacklist to stop those pesky auto-installed apps from different providers.


I went to add a few more to the list yesterday and they no longer seem to be working.


I know I am using the right package name (double verified with Play Store and Package Name Viewer 2.0).


Is there a limit to this? Just for fun I tried removing Youtube from the black list and it showed up on the phone. I added it back and it removed it from the phone.


At this point I'm stumped.




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Re: Blacklist on Android no longer working



Have you considered a white list instead? Assuming the Device is in Device Owner mode, it would make for a much smaller list that you'd have to maintain. You'd only have to specify the apps that you want, rather than those that you don't.

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