Auditing devices in Meraki MDM Is Brutal - what is going on here?

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Auditing devices in Meraki MDM Is Brutal - what is going on here?

Can someone shed some light onto what is happening? This is extremely frustrating, and I cannot get a resolution from Meraki support. I can tell anytime I call in about systems manager this is their least favorite product to support.


Root issue: One of our custom apps fails to install




Custom app deploys is dependent on Meraki System Manager being installed, which fails on 30% of devices.










This is my second ticket I have opened with Meraki, the first one went nowhere and turns into "start remoting into each device individually" to spot check them. If we have to do that, then this is a very expensive paper weight IMO.


Kind of a big deal

I think the Meraki support will assist you better than us. Just be patient.

Building a reputation

First ticket was submitted December 18th, and another one when I posted this. We are being very patient and have a lot of feedback we hope Meraki will consider which everyone will benefit from.

Kind of a big deal

I don't think the Meraki agent can be "managed" because it's not uninstalled when you remove the device from systems manager. My understanding is managed app's are app's that are provided via VPP only. 


You can only push software packages to MacOS devices if the agent is installed, the profile alone does not allow you to install packages from my understanding. The exception to this is the SM agent I believe.


Are your devices enrolled via ABM / ASM or are you enrolling them manually? 


Try re-enrolling an affected device to see if it fixes the problem.
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