A new shop? Here you are!

A new shop? Here you are!

Hi, I am Markus,


I am working for a board game, puzzle, books and leisure company... What you need at corona times.

We began about three years ago to equip our leisure park with Meraki switches and accesspoints replacing older Cisco hardware. For me it was a kind of revival: manage a network without "putty".

So I decided to move on with Meraki. I am still replacing old Cisco switches (they seem to be unbreakable) with Meraki MS switches, and Cisco controller based accesspoints with Meraki MR´s. It´s still an mixed operation. But working. Boths systems are using Cisco ISE as an radius server.


Because the small toy shops are closing down, and the customers want to touch and see our products online shopping is not the only way to sell our products. We are opening shops, outlet shops, popup shops. And it´s amazing: I can configure the Meraki hardware without touching them, while the hardware is shipped to shops.

When the switches and accesspoints are arriving, the configuration is finished. when a shop is closing down and moving to another city: no problem, dashboard config is finished in a few minutes.


Our firewalls are still not from Meraki, but one of our purchased company has MX84´s, and I hope I can convince my bosses to Meraki MX.😁


I could imagine to use MG cellular gateways as an backup connection for our shops and subsidiaries.

Cameras are difficult to use in Germany because of the privacy protection.




A typical network cabinet in the headquarterA typical network cabinet in the headquarterA typical shop equipmentA typical shop equipment


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This is great, @redsector! Also, we love Ravensburger puzzles - here's one my kids and I just completed! Now I need to get more 🙂



Kind of a big deal

Hi Markus,


that's a phantastic show case you're showing up here. I see great opportunity especially in managing retials and (small) shops using Meraki. That stuff scales pretty much indefinitely and is sooo much fun for the admin though. 😁


Btw.: MGs are the perfect backup solution, already tested with several German mobile providers. 😎

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Fabulous,  great use of the MG to achieve high availability.   Nice write up.

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Thank you!