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Phone Support

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Phone Support

I wish you would provide phone support. A business having problems can not waits days for answers or partial answers. I find I can give complete details to support and they ask the questions I just sent them. Support needs to ramp up knowledge and reaction time. Otherwise this is not fit for business.  

Meraki Go Team

Re: Phone Support

Hi JohnWitford!


Would you be able to provide the case number here?

We'd like to follow-up with you to ensure we can reach a solution for what you're experiencing.



Dom Wilkins

Here to help

Re: Phone Support

At this point I have lost track of the case#. Call me 805-461-3030

Here to help

Re: Phone Support

The problem I have had since installation is router connecting to cloud.

1. The merakigo router connected directly to spectrum modem will not go online ever. 

2. if I connect a PC directly to modem the PC goes online, all other brand routers go online.

3. If i connect mgo router to my network switch it will contact the cloud, but not directly to modem. 

4. I have rebooted all devices, reset all devices, deleted router, readded router, new ethernet cables and none of this solved the problem. 

5 I am a Meraki dealer not a end user. 

6. as of now mgo router is disconnected. 


Now what?