[Nice to Have] Simple button to reset the Switch port configuration/settings to default.

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[Nice to Have] Simple button to reset the Switch port configuration/settings to default.

It would be nice to have a button on each Switch port to reset the Switch port configuration/settings to factory default.


Also, unsure if we have this already, if not, the ability to reset the whole Switch to factory default remotely would be good too.

Meraki Go Team

Hello Davis,


I think this is an interesting idea. What situation were you in that caused this thought?

Would you want to default any other parts of the configuration?

Hello hidden0,


Scenarios that provoked this thought;


1. We are doing a massive hardware upgrade/replacement for a large number of sites and as part of decommissioning the old devices, we wanted to get rid of its configurations too on the Switch and we are doing it manually. Glad it allows us to select multiple ports and edit - it would save time if we can select multiple Switch ports and click on a 'Reset' button (and safer to add a Yes/No confirmation pop-up), to reset its value to default.

Meanwhile, we still got many sites to complete, so wish an API+Powershell can help find the Switch ports based on its name and set a specific value to certain fields. 


2. We were testing an API to make changes on remote Switches which went wrong and we couldn't revive the Switches until we had someone physically press the reset button on the Switch; wish we could do the reset remotely.


Happy to provide more info if required...







This is a phenomenal idea that I hope the Meraki-Go dev team decides to implement. I recently added the GX20 to my network setup that already had a GS10 switch. The switch worked great until the gateway came into the picture. Now the gateway works, but the switch is perpetually alerting for unknown reasons, and even when it isn't alerting, it fails to achieve internet connectivity via the GX20. 


As a result of these issues I tried doing factory resets on all devices  in order to start the setup process with a clean slate, but there is no easy/reliable way to do so. Even after doing factory resets, the previous hardware settings persist in the cloud anyway, even after deleting the devices in the hardware section of the Meraki app. Maybe I am overlooking something, but even if that is the case, the OP's suggestions would add some much needed troubleshooting functionality to the Meraki-Go suite.