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I wish you would provide phone support. A business having problems can not waits days for answers or partial answers. I find I can give complete details to support and they ask the questions I just sent them. Support needs to ramp up knowledge and reaction time. Otherwise this is not fit for business.  

Meraki Go Team

Hi JohnWitford!


Would you be able to provide the case number here?

We'd like to follow-up with you to ensure we can reach a solution for what you're experiencing.



Dom Wilkins

At this point I have lost track of the case#. Call me 805-461-3030

The problem I have had since installation is router connecting to cloud.

1. The merakigo router connected directly to spectrum modem will not go online ever. 

2. if I connect a PC directly to modem the PC goes online, all other brand routers go online.

3. If i connect mgo router to my network switch it will contact the cloud, but not directly to modem. 

4. I have rebooted all devices, reset all devices, deleted router, readded router, new ethernet cables and none of this solved the problem. 

5 I am a Meraki dealer not a end user. 

6. as of now mgo router is disconnected. 


Now what? 

thats not phone support

Hi John, 

Were you able to find a solution to the problems you described? I seem to be experiencing similar problems with my setup.