Unable to get a call back from a Sales Manager for Meraki

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Unable to get a call back from a Sales Manager for Meraki

I work for a company who is a strategic partner with Cisco and recently had a terrible experience when trying to introduce a close friend to Meraki. This friend has been the IT director for someone very important for nearly 20 years and just recently their Firewall went down at their main office so when he came to me to discuss Meraki as a solution I was excited to share with him the many products Meraki had to offer. Given our prior conversations he was already sold on Meraki and really just needed the quote on paper so they could write a check and get the process started.Our sales account manager was unresponsive, slow when he did respond and never bothered picking up the phone and having a conversation with myself or my friend.


Two weeks later and I couldn't be more disappointed in the entire experience. Due to Meraki's lack of customer service and involvement in this sales process the CFO decided to go a different direction. To top it off I still am unable to get a Sales Manager to call me back despite my many phone calls, emails and ticket created for this issue.


Anyone have any suggestions or is this something others have experienced?

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Meraki does not sell direct or really have sales managers.  They are just sales reps and subject matter experts.  They sell through Cisco channel partners.  So pick your favorite Cisco partner and have them handle it.  

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Sorry for you bad experience with Meraki sales. Can you PM me your contact information as well as the the relevant information regarding your referral so I can escalate internally?



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So you are a reseller?  You should have gone through your normal distribution channel.

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Regional sales managers are routinely unresponsive in my experience - they are spread too thin.


Fortunately, if you have a good partner, you don't need them much.

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If I don't hear from at least one of my regional sales guys a week I start getting worried something has happened to them.  It's like your mum calling every week, except they want to know about in progress deals - especially right before the end of their financial quarter if they are just short of their "number".

Oh, I hear from them all the time.  They are happy to let me know when they want something from me.  ...but not so much if I want something from them. 

Also sorry to hear about a poor experience trying to contact Meraki Sales.  But please do private message your contacts and info with @DCooper as suggested, and other comments are correct about leveraging your preferred Cisco partner/reseller.  It also depends on which segment/vertical you fall into, and if you'd be handled by an inside versus field team, etc.  As an Engineer on the sales side I can tell you we try to be as ultra-responsive as possible, and I won't speak for others, but I hold myself to a pretty strict standard, and always attempt to respond the same day, even if it's only to acknowledge the message and say I'll get back to you.  Some days and weeks it's just not possible of course.  And I always have someone designated as backup if out for more than a few days.  That's all pretty standard practice across Meraki Sales, but with Meraki's awesome growth, there are some occasional scaling issues (growing pains) and I hope that your poor experience was one of those circumstances where someone was just spread too thin or OOO or some combination of things. 


Another thought is that if you're a Cisco (not just Cisco Meraki) customer, as a backup you can also of course contact you primary Cisco account team (the AM or SE) as opposed to the Meraki team which may be an overlay/extended team.


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