Topology not shown right

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Topology not shown right

Hey Community,


i have a question to the network topology.


I have 2 Switches, 1 Mx an 2 AP's, really small Meraki-network.


The first switch is connected to the HP-Core.

The MX is connected to Switch 1.

Switch 2 is connected to the MX.

All AP's are connected to Switch 2.


But in the topology there is at first the mx,

left leg: core, then switch 1     <-- thats wrong

right leg: Switch 2 and 2 AP's <-- thats right


How can i get this topology in the right way?


Thank you

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

its not wrong . it is how its connected. 


you unfortunately can't change what is shown first. 


not sure if your hp switch runs lldp by default , you could turn this on so its reconized in the topology

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is it causing some issue, and if so, what is that issue?

Getting noticed

From your description it sounds like this:


Core -> Sw 1 -> Mx -> Sw2 -> APs


In which case it seems that the topology would be accurate if it shows the left leg as having the Switch closer to the Mx and the Core farther away. 

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