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Control Voice/Data Roaming with SM?

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Control Voice/Data Roaming with SM?


We're using Systems Manager to control our iOS devices. These are iPhone SEs with ios 11.4 currently installed.

We've been receiving complaints from our end users that, when abroad, they can't make calls or use Data.
We've checked in with our carrier and international roaming is enabled.

I have one of our iPhones in front of me. I note that Voice/Data roaming is currently switched off.
In the systems manager page for the device I toggle this to on and wait.

But roaming is not being switched on...

Does  anyone know what might cause this?


Screen shot from the iPhone.


Kind of a big deal

Re: Control Voice/Data Roaming with SM?

Can you confirm if you remove the device from Meraki that it works as expected?

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Re: Control Voice/Data Roaming with SM?

Hi Blake,


Yes, I can toggle it on by hand.

I'll be taking my work phone on holiday in a  couple of weeks and I have another user taking her phone abroad shortly who is helping test this out.

I've been all over the documentation and it's not clear why we would be having this problem.

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Re: Control Voice/Data Roaming with SM?

Update: I've just heard from the user. She's in Brussels and her phone is working as expected.

Note that I toggled data roaming on by hand on this device.

Looking at my phone today, it is managed by SM but the roaming features are still not toggling on or off.


There's not a lot of chat on here about this so I imagine we're missing something?
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Re: Control Voice/Data Roaming with SM?

Anyone got  any thoughts on this?

I won't be taking my phone abroad for a couple of weeks but if anyone can offer any advice on this I'd appreciate it.

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