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Make a Wish Requests

What things are you wishing the dashboard can do for you? As @BradB mentioned in one of his other posts, product wishes will be communicated from here, but best the place is the Make a Wish box. What things can we as a community help get created?


I'll start: I've been putting in a wish to have the ports on a MX device give the same information as the ports on a MS device. The technology is there!!!

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How about a "Make A Wish" system that is community based vs. being revenue driven. If you look at past posts on the Meraki blog, you can see images of the system, and next to each wish is a revenue amount(i.e. how much that dashboard has spent).  Either that be removed or a community system is put in place. This way you can have votes or at least know exactly what features/function the community is asking for.  And, people can vote on it and give notes. Otherwise people are just tossing things into the wind. Having this community forum is a great start. 

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Hi all! 


Thank you for all of the great suggestions on this thread. As I mentioned in this post, we will be reviewing suggestions from the community with our product team on a regular basis, especially those ideas that get a lot of kudos and discussion.  It's much easier to manage the suggestions, however, if they're each in a separate thread (ideally, tagged with "feature request"). 


So - I'm going to split this thread up for easier management. Do keep the ideas coming, just post them separately Cat Happy


- Caroline

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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I've now split all of the ideas here into their own threads (aka topics), and I've marked this discussion as read-only; please post future requests as their own thread as well. 


Here are the new threads I created:

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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