Meraki Support : Can you provide a list of features we can enable?

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Meraki Support : Can you provide a list of features we can enable?

The three I have found so far:
 - Custom B2B Apps (*Enterprise Apps are different to this)

 - Branding (Company Logo / Hide Dashboard Links)

 - CoA / Cisco ISE integration (Feature release 'April 27, 2016')


Is this them all? Or are there more?

Thank you,
Peter James

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There is also a virtual MX concentrator for access points (can not do AutoVPN).  I suspect this might be phased out now their is a vMX.


Their is also a NAT feature for branches that use AutoVPN.  It allows all your branches to have the same subnet and then to NAT them as they go into the VPN.


@PhilipDAth Thanks for that addition.

Just browsing

You can request to enable 2.4GHz only mode on your Access Points.  Only one that I'm aware of.


There are many many more! I find out about new ones every week. Suffice it to say, if there is something you are looking to do, ask about it here in community or with support as it’s likely there is a feature for it!
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