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IOS Supervision



I have question about MDM and Supervision



My company uses the MERAKI MDM service to add profiles on ios devices. we do not use DEP.

My question is if we can protect devices without DEP?
I'm asking because even though the profile is configured to require a password to be removed. And the device is visible in the MERAKI MDM Dashboard. The profile can be deleted without a password

Just go to:
Settings> General> profiles
and the profile can be deleted without a password

I tried to use the Apple Configurator application and managed to get the "Supervised" status but again, erasing the device removed the MDM profile, and Supervision


Kind of a big deal

Hi @luke050  using Apple DEP is the only way to prevent the profiles from being deleted and make the devivces truely supervised. 



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So there is no option to disable profile deleting without DEP ?
Kind of a big deal

If you have an Apple Mac you can use Apple Configurator to configure a DEP profile.


Note that this requires you to wipe the device.


Note that restoring prior Apple iDevice backups after conversion to DEP using this method is almost impossible.



But as i mentioned before if we don't have DEP account, we can't use DEP in Apple Configurator right ?

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I'm afraid not. DEP is the only solution, if you don't want/can't sign up for an account, profiles can be removed from iOS at anytime

Apple DEP or Apple Business Manager as its reffered to know is free you join, all your business needs is a DUNS number which are also free to obtain. 

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Or if you are in education there is Apple School Manager. I would highly advise anyone who wants to manage iPad to get enrolled in either ABM or ASM as it appears Apple is pushing more and more of the management features into those products.


As more and more of the features and restrictions are based on iPads being supervised DEP enrollment is critical for using these features.

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@luke050  you can enrol devices in DEP using configurator but it requires you to have a DEP account first. 


Basically you need to create either an ASM or ABM account I would suggest using a generic email to do this, then you can either have your reseller register all of your purchased devices in DEP for you or you can load them manually using configurator although this method is a little more tricky and has a grace period.


Using ASM or ABM also means you can purchase iOS and MacOS apps in bulk and then deploy them using Meraki. 



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