I think I found a Bug getting Support

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I think I found a Bug getting Support

I have started a new Org for a new company witch the owner of that company have attended a webbinar and got himself a MR33. He olso thru me orderd some other goodies to make a complete Meraki network for his company inclyding MX and some more MR. But here is the funny part.. The free MR33 have arrived alot earlier then the other goodies so I started building his network today.. Claiming his MR33.. But bummer that MR33 Seams to be alredy Claimed. Bummer, I tripple asked him if he hade in any way used it.. and he havent, the box I opend with the orderbill and MR was sealed. Now to the funny part, Sales at Meraki pointed me to open a support case. 


When you are logged in to a new Org with no HW/LIcense claimed you cant open a support case thru mail/message. Why not ? All the QA points to Help > Get help > Still need help? > Submit an email case.


I found a Bug,, or ?? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes. For support you need a claimed license in the dashboard


try this?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Support is only available to paying users. The same as the free 100 license legacy systems manager doesn't get support. 

Hi there, I think it would be a great ide to let the possible costumer know how to get help and not direct them to something that is not available. In this case it is a Paying costumer ( In the end ) so a good and correct experience would only benefit everyone I think. Don´t you ?

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