Does anyone know the truth behind co-term licensing scam? Please enlighten me, school me if you must

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Does anyone know the truth behind co-term licensing scam? Please enlighten me, school me if you must

Hey guys,


I do mean the subject line here. I would like to know the true formula for determining new co-term expiration date upon adding new licenses. It is absolutely NOT the published deliberate lie of how that's calculated.


It has NOTHING to do with duration and number of devices as they want you to believe and publish their fake knowledge base articles LOL it has everything do to with money - dollars spent on the new license being added but how does it work?


Does $1 buy me an extra day or what?


This is by far the best scam I have seen and my hat goes to Meraki - a good idea, is a good idea. Though angry at Meraki I must recognize the genius. How else would you fund your Tesla model X lease and every other Friday but please if you know how this is calculated - educate me


Thank you


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes it has to do with money/price of the licence. Even the document itself says its based on money.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Co-term has always been a bit weird and inflexible but simple to manage.  However they have calculator tools for it.

And you can always switch over to the per device licensing which for me a more transparent.


I do have customers that would prefer to stay at co-term because they don't want the hassle to handle all the devices.


It's important to be upfront with your customers and try to explain pro's and con's to both systems.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Boyan1,


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Simple answer is if you don't like co-term then swap to per device licensing. I found co-term confusing (maths isn't my strong point) as well as our finance team wanted to be able to clearly see what was licensed and for how long. 


Have you asked support or your account manager to explain how its calculated?
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We have had Meraki hardware in our K-12 school for over 13 years. However, two out of the last three co-termination renewals have been a nightmare. In 2017, we purchased new APs and added some switches with 5 year licenses. I removed the old APs from our console, but our renewal came up just 3 years later. I contacted support to see how I could remove the devices myself and was told that I would have to reach out to support to have them removed. Why have the "Remove Device" option if it doesn't do anything.

This summer, we renewed ALL of our equipment for 1 year with 2 separate orders (one for our switches, the other for APs). We did not add any additional hardware, but somehow lost more than a month from our previous renewal date. When asking about the reason for this, we were told that was just how the algorithm works. One vendor purchased the licenses a couple of months before the expiration, but on a renewal, it shouldn't matter when it was purchased as it is supposed to extend the license from the renewal expiration date, right? Wrong. Meraki says that the licenses start counting down right away. So, as customers, why would we ever purchase any licenses early? I guess you should wait until after the licenses have expired to even start to worry about it. 

I will be pursing legal action. Please reach out if you have similar experiences and would like to join the fight against this scam -

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