Dashboard showing faulty data

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Dashboard showing faulty data

Just noticed this on a handful of MX67 nodes running MX17.10 (not sure how much that info matters). They're showing no VPN connection, though I know the branch is up and running just fine. Also, on the Network summary page, it's showing 0/2 healthy uplinks but if I click into the uplinks all is well. I've got one MX telling me there's no traffic and no clients when I can clearly ping/communicate with clients behind the MX!


Anyone else bumping into this? I've opened a ticket with support in the meantime.


EDIT: Also, we're on shard 426

Kind of a big deal

It's a bug, you probably running version 17.10.1. It was solved on version 17.10.2, but a little advice, version 17.10.x has some instability issues, I really recommend using version 16.16.7.

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