Cisco Services down?

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Cisco Services down?

Anyone else not able to reach Meraki Dashboard or even Webex? won't load either.


CN Dashboard responds and is available, though.

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Hey @rbnielsen ,


I'm UK based and everything is loading fine for me.


Have you tried some traceroutes & nslookups to pinpoint what the traffic is stopping?


Many thanks!



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Rumour has it, it might be an ISP issue. 


Github is unavailble, as well as 



And it seems to be back again. 


Funny though, because all customers on TDC ISP in Denmark seemed to be affected, but when doing traceroutes, it looked like the issue was further out, than TDC network. 

Kind of a big deal

Fine here. Been using Webex all morning and CCWs loading fine

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Kind of a big deal

Azure had a major outage around that time period.  Perhaps Azure is used for part of the operation. 

Kind of a big deal

@rbnielsen : Azure down , These days a lot of platform down like Facebook & companies and now Azure 🙂

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Rumour has it that our ISP had an issue with the transatlantic line to New York…
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