RSS full feed URL

Kind of a big deal

RSS full feed URL

What is the RSS url for the full community feed across all boards? 

Community Manager

Here's the full RSS feed of all posts:


You can also get them for a category (e.g. Product & Technology Discussions😞 ( is whatever comes after the ct-p in the category's URL)


Or for an individual board (e.g. Security / SD-WAN😞 ( is whatever comes after the bd-p in the board's URL)


(Don't ask me why "Community" and "Category" are capitalized in the RSS urls while "board" isn't. 😛 And, yes, the URLs are case-sensitive. I just checked.)



Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Thanks for that.  I had only tried the community feed in lower case, and did not get it to work.  Now I know!

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