Message tagging


Message tagging

Silly question, but how do you tag your posts?

Assuming we can do this with both new posts and replies?


EDIT: Message Tags option appeared on both new messages and replies after I logged on to the board. Used my Cisco account (not Meraki cloud credentials).

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I believe you just fill in the box to the right of the message that says : Message Tags.  (I hope) #swagplease

Indeed. The message tag box is the way to go.


When accessing the message board initially, I was not logged on and was not presented the message tags option.


Oddly enough, I was allowed to read messages and post/respond to messages without being logged on. However, while the post/reply window came up without being authenticated, I had to log on to actually save the post.


Once I logged on, the option appeared. Adding a hashtag in the message body does not do it.

Yes, please use the "Message Tags" feature on the right - see screenshot:




We'll also count folks who use "#swagplease" within their posts, but the "Message Tags" feature is the official way to do it!

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Oh, I was wondering if I need to tag my #swagplease posts. Thanks for the clarification

Here to help

Everyone wants #swagplease


Thanks for the tip!

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